Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning The death of a loved one, no matter what the circumstances, involves many significant emotions. Friends and family cope with the loss through grief, reminiscing, or perhaps even relief in the case of terminal illness. Ideally, there is an estate plan in place and an individual or group of individuals who are identified ahead of time to immediately handle the estate.

It is important to contact our team immediately following the death of a loved one because you have obligations to satisfy. Specifically, as a representative or trustee of the decedents estate, you have legal obligations to the estate - which will generally include family and friends. You must exercise sound judgment and understand your rights and obligations, even when paying for immediate costs like hospital bills and funeral expenses. At our first meeting with you, our team will carefully guide you through the process of handling your loved ones estate.

So, whether you are planning your own documents or you are a representative or trustee acting for a deceased loved one, our team handles:

Our team encourages you in that your estate plan should be reviewed and updated at least every four years or if any of the following events occur:

Estate PlanningDrafting these documents will assure that you and your loved ones are protected fairly and that our team is there when you need us most.

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